For the Artist

You can list your work on the for Free. We want to help you get more exposure for your art. You have nothing to lose by displaying work on our site it's FREE. You can send a picture of your work to us to review, along with what it is painted or mounted on, size, medium, and asking price. Upon acceptance you can send up to 8 items to list on our site. We will reduce the pixel size and place a security feature on the image to protect your work from being copied.

AP Intl, Inc. will market the content of this site to professionals via e-mail marketing. The site is supported through Yahoo who is also marketing the site. When your art is sold, we will send you a purchase order for the work, along with the address of the purchaser. The artist will be responsible for packaging and should estimate the cost and add it to the selling price. The artist will also be responsible for insurance and shipping costs to the purchaser. AP Intl, Inc. will add a shipping fee to the sale price and the artist will get that amount to offset the cost of shipping. After the customer receives the work and it is as presented in the photo and undamaged, AP Intl, Inc. will get their acceptance, consider the sale complete and send the money to the artist less our commission.


Note: This information can be changed at any time without notice.


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